The city, town or village has a responsibility to take good care of its heritage. In some cases this means managing multiple historic buildings, spread across the local territory.

The solutions we can bring

Aritech is offering integrated solutions that bring Intrusion, Video and Access Control together in a single platform that allows for remote user management in compliance with GDPR and applicable national privacy legislation.

To link buildings together and allow remote management, we can make use of any available or cost-effective link between these buildings.


Using the C4 ATS8600 management software solution, you can visualize the connected buildings and sites on a map and interact remotely with the connected systems in an interactive and user-friendly way. Sensors and cameras can be laid out on a graphical representation of the building and detected events can be linked to the corresponding cameras and recordings. Playback of one or multiple TruVision cameras can be done simultaneously making analysis very easy and and saves you time.

Connecting multiple buildings to allow for remote management is made easy with the range of IFS connection interfaces, modules and switches. Truvision Navigator video management software provides the overview of the connected cameras with the full flexibility of multi-screen and multi-site views.

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