In many cases, over the years, buildings have been secured after events have occurred and security measures had to be taken. This results in a  multitude of systems from different manufacturers with different service and maintenance agreements. It can be a challenge to oversee these sites and to keep track of who has access to what.

The solutions we can bring

Standardising on Advisor Advanced offers intrusion and access control integration as a standard solution. Connection to management software unlocks further possibilities including remote management, a comprehensive overview, one single GDPR compliant user database, the required flexibility, one single training for employees for a variety of buildings and systems. An integrated solution also offers the advantage of having one service and maintenance agreement.



Most systems use the same or a very similar wiring architecture and many sensors are compatible with the Advisor Advanced solution. A migration plan can be made to bring existing installations to the highest cybersecurity standard.

The latest TruVision recorders can connect analogue, HDTVI and IP cameras on one network recorder allowing to safeguard the investments made in existing video surveillance systems. This enables to migrate gradually and wisely considering possible budget restraints.

Police departments, fire brigades and municipalities can create their own multi-screen, multi-site selection of cameras from multiple recorders in one convenient overview with the TruVision Navigator software.

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